Winery Sternberg

The wine from Sternberg has a long tradition:

Wine was grown on the slopes of the Sternberg as early as the time of Roman rule.

Evidence of this has survived the centuries and can be found in the old field names: In the neighboring village of Weinzierl, for example, wine was made for the Damtschach counts until late in the 19th century. When they planted a small vineyard several years ago, they wanted to revive the cultural heritage of viticulture at Sternberg. Then in 2009, from these 600 or so vines, they undertook a harvest for the first time and pressed our first wine. Spurred on by its initial successes, the vineyard has now grown into a real vineyard: around 21,000 vines currently thrive on 4.5 hectares.

The viticulture of the winery is organic and dynamic. From the cultivation to the cellar, a philosophy of holism comes into play.

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